Deflationary Farming

Farm without infinite inflation

Entity Capital allows users to yield yEntity by providing LP tokens

In order to participate in yEntity deflationary farming, and therefore receive yield paid as yEntity tokens, the user requires to obtain Cake-LP tokens and stake them on
The Cake-LP tokens are obtained by providing BNB and yEntity as liquidity on Pancakeswap.
Once added, liquidity tokens can not be removed from the yEntity Pancakeswap LP pools. This is by design. In addition to that, the fees collected by these LP tokens remain in the pool, which adds to the continues growth of the yENTITY-BNB Pancakeswap pool.
Once the liquidity tokens are obtained, the user stakes them on to begin the farming process. When farming, users will receive yENTITY staking rewards, depending on the amount of LP tokens staked and the current APY.
The current APY is easily observed on the page under the Vault tab. Note that it is not a fixed return, it is not a promised return and it is not financial advice. The returns are based on fees/block in the last week and the value of the LP token.
yEntity launched with a 5% Fee on transfers, meaning that each time yENTITY is moved around (through trading), the trader pays a fee of 5%. However, buys are not taxed (0%), forever. This sell/transfer fee is distributed to all yENTITY stakers, which makes farming without printing new yENTITY tokens possible.
The different tabs on will show the user useful information regarding the APY, yENTITY token, LP tokens, the Pancakeswap Pair Info & LP Token Pair Info.