Why does $yENTITY not have inflation?
The yENTITY team discovered the flaws of many yield farming tokens by analyzing its minting process. Most of these token's yield incentives are based on inflation. They distribute their newly minted tokens to the LP holders. This process does not have great long term effects on the token price.
yENTITY is using a deflationary farming process, by attaching a 5% fee to any transfer of the yENTITY token. This allows the stakers to earn Yield without the protocol having to mint new tokens.
What is the cap of the $yENTITY token?
The max supply of yENTITY is 10,000. There is absolutely no way to create new yENTITY tokens, which means the circulating supply can only ever go down.
Does the $yENTITY token have any burn?
No not at at this time - however it can be proposed through Governance.
How does $yENTITY enter into circulation?
During the Liquidity Generation Event all 10,000 yENTITY that will ever exist were minted and placed together with the BNB raised into the Pancakeswap liquidity pool.